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Advice and support

  • We strive to promote equine welfare by educating, advising and supporting horse owners and carers to prevent cases of neglect.
  • We train and support a network of welfare officers to deal with local welfare concerns.
  • We promote responsible breeding and support breed societies.

Horse passports

Horse passports are a legal requirement for all horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, zebras and other members of the equine family. We issue them for all horses that are not eligible for registration with a recognised breed society.

Buying and loaning

If you’re thinking about buying or loaning a horse, we can offer you the advice you'll need before making the big decision.

Find a yard or B&B

We have approved livery yards and Horses Welcome (equine B&B) establishments throughout the UK. Find one near you.

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At the forefront of issues...

  • Grass Sickness - why a vaccine against this distressing fatal disease is needed
  • Think Before You Breed - why we're working to reduce indiscriminate breeding in the UK
  • Ragwort - the dangers of this common plant to grazing animals and what we're doing to raise awareness
  • Exotic diseases - how and why we're monitoring the risk of disease brought from overseas
  • Strangles - how the risk of this potentially devastating illness can be reduced

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Friends at the End

Friends at the End

When you're faced with the hardest decision of all, we're here to help

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