Off-Road Gates

Are you or your horse fazed by gates on your hacks? Our advice video will get you through safely and smoothly, demonstrating the key principles of how to safely open a gate while mounted, and the varying types of gate: those opening towards you, away from you and a self-closing gate.

Remember: heels to hinges and practise makes perfect!

If you are struggling with gates when you and your horse ride off-road, perhaps team up with a confident buddy who will ride out with you and practise using them safely. Some of our Regional Access Officers have run 'gates and fords' courses which have been very successful.

If you would like us to arrange something similar in your area, please get in touch at and we will try to find a nearby BHS group, centre or volunteer who might be able to help you.

If riders experience problems with the gates themselves, or encounter one that is difficult to use, please report it to the local authority so it can be rectified. If no resolution is found, contact the BHS Access Department who will support you to rectify the problem. If you are unfortunate enough to experience an incident involving a gate, please report this on the BHS’s dedicated incident reporting facility.

BHS Advice on Using Off-road Gates

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