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Riding Safely

We all enjoy riding or driving our horses, but with this pleasure comes responsibility, whether you are training competition horses, hacking for pleasure or driving a horse and carriage. As a charity, we work hard to improve the safety of all equines and equestrians.

We not only deliver practical advice to everyone through our free advice leaflets, but we also work with others to increase the effectiveness of safety equipment and clothing, and to promote a safe environment for riders, carriage drivers and their horses. This includes everything from horse and rider equipment, through to the road surface they ride on and the environment they ride in, including driver licensing laws and related horsebox and trailer issues.

Whether we choose to take our horses off-road on fields and bridle routes, or if we have no option but to go out onto busy roads, there are always safety issues to take into account. To find out more, read the Highway Code and our Riding and Roadcraft Manual. Both are available from our bookshop. Taking the British Horse Society’s Riding and Road Safety Test is a great way to help ensure your safety.

No matter how cautious we are when we ride or carriage drive, accidents happen. Despite all efforts, every year a high number of these incidents go unrecorded. If no one knows about them, nothing can be done.

In November 2010, we launched a dedicated equestrian safety website, (opens in new window), where you will also find a wide range of valuable advice for keeping you and your horse safe.

Here you can report any incidents you are aware of and help us to discover the truth. Without hard evidence and real statistics, it is impossible to lobby those in power to make the changes that are required to ensure riding is safer for all. Sharing your experience could make a huge difference – together we can fight for change.

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