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Horse Accidents

Safety road signWe hope you’ll always be safe when you ride out, but however cautious we are, accidents happen.

Unfortunately, every year a high number of equestrian incidents go unrecorded. If no-one knows about them, nothing can be done.

If you or your horse have been involved in an equine-related incident, we want to hear about it. Let us know what happened - it's never too late to tell us.

Without hard evidence and real statistics, it is impossible to lobby those in power to make the changes that are required to ensure riding is safer for all. Sharing your experience could make a huge difference – together we can fight for change.

Our online report form lets you tell us about any accidents, incidents or near-misses you’ve experienced with your horse, whether it’s on the roads, involving dogs, in fields with bird scarers, or any other kind of safety issue.

If the type of incident you want to report isn’t covered, get in touch at or call 02476 840516 to tell us about it.

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