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  • The BHS is a five-time winner of the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of our outstanding contribution to improving road safety
  • We work with a range of organisations, including the National Police Chiefs Council, Blue Cross, Forestry Commission Wales, GEM Motoring Assist, the Ministry of Defence, NFU Mutual and PRP Rescue

For horses

If you or your horse have been involved in an equine-related incident, we want to hear about it. Let us know what happened - it's never too late to tell us.

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We work tirelessly alongside other leading organisations to promote awareness and develop important advice for equestrians, drivers, cyclists and dog owners alike.

Staying Safe

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Advice and Prevention

Whether you choose to ride off-road on fields and bridleways, or whether you have no option but to go out onto busy roads, there are always safety issues to take into account.

We offer crucial advice for riders and carriage drivers about incidents commonly reported to us. 

Useful Information

Vital statistics

Why our work is crucial...

Since the launch of our Horse Accidents website in 2010 there have been:

  • More than 2,914 reports of road incidents involving horses; 230 horses have died and 39 riders have lost their lives
  • Over 1,000 reported incidents involving dogs and horses
  • Over 160 incidents involving fireworks and horses reported

Share your experiences and help us fight for change

Report an Incident

Report an incident

Report an Incident

Have you been involved in a horse-related incident or accident? Report it to us

Horse Accidents

Transporting your horse

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Get safety advice and information on all aspects of horse transport

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