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BHS Scholarships

Be your best and reach your goals with a BHS Coach Development Scholarship

Is funding holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Do you have an exceptional member of staff at your centre looking to gain the next step in their career, whether this is to gain their BHS Coach, BHS Senior Coach or BHS Performance Coach Awards?

The BHS Coach’s Scholarship is there to help those talented individuals wishing to achieve their goals.

As one of the largest providers of equestrian education and qualifications in the UK, we believe it is our duty to ensure we reach and inspire those individuals who will truly make a difference to the future of the equine sector.

Our experience has shown that to reach the level of qualification necessary to aspire to a constructive equestrian career, requires dedication combined with breadth of experience and a positive attitude to employment opportunities, alongside accruing costs for training and assessment.

We hope through supporting our Approved Centres who recognise and wish to support their dedicated staff, that the BHS will further strengthen the equestrian industry through enabling such individuals to gain our valuable world renowned industry-recognised qualification.
We are honoured to have received a wonderful legacy in Margot Tiffany’s name. This has been created by many donations in her memory. Together with our own fundraising efforts, in its first year we have supported 43 individuals with over £72,500 of funding to help them gain their BHS Coach, BHS Senior Coach and BHS Performance Coach Awards.

The aim of the scholarship is to increase the number of qualified BHS Coach, BHS Senior Coach and BHS Performance Coaches within the equestrian industry.

Each year, we will support the costs of training, relevant stage examinations and the first year as an Accredited Professional Coach (for candidates wishing to gain their BHS Coach award). 

It is our intention that the scholarship will enable individuals to train and gain industry experience to ensure they become well-rounded and knowledgeable coaches.

One of the BHS’s many charitable objectives is to promote and advance the education, training and safety of the public in all matters relating to the horse. The scholarship scheme will play a pivotal role in driving forward this objective through our Approved Centres. Through the scholarships, we will:

  • Ensure the BHS as a leading equestrian educational provider is supplying our sector with well qualified and inspirational people
  • Provide support to talented, committed individuals enabling them to have a meaningful equestrian career 
  • Work with, support and enhance BHS Approved Centres
  • Endorse and promote BHS training and assessments and encourage lifelong learning

Each year the BHS will contribute significant funds to support the costs of training and assessments.

At the heart of this scholarship, we celebrate the life and legacy of Margot Tiffany BHS PCCH (I) and feel honoured to have received a legacy for this scholarship in her name in addition to further funds supported by many of Margot’s friends and family. The Margot Tiffany Legacy Fund contributes to the significant BHS fund being directed to support our future generation through this scholarship scheme.

The Spring Intake has now closed and the Autumn intake will open later in the year.

For enquiries about eligibility, please contact Becky Lindley on 07773 043103 or email


Margot Tiffany

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