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Approved Holiday Businesses

Many people like to spend their holidays riding or learning more about horses.

From riding a scenic coastal path to trekking down a mountain trail, it’s a great way for people to enjoy a sight seeing adventure and get closer to horses. It may even be their very first experience with a horse, from which they will develop a life long and rewarding passion.

If you run, or are thinking about establishing a riding holiday centre, you’ll be aware of just how popular a holiday pastime it is in the UK, and how important it is that the highest standards and professionalism are maintained so that everyone can enjoy a safe and memorable experience.

If you’re a BHS Approved Holiday Riding Centre, this is assured.

Why become BHS Approved?

It means that your premises and staff have all met with our strict standards of safety, horse welfare and tuition.

All BHS Approved Centres are regularly inspected to ensure they meet high standards of safety, horse welfare and tuition. We use three levels of grading: Approved (A), Commended (C) and Highly Commended (HC).

For added peace of mind, it also means that every centre is insured for public liability and complies with the latest health and safety legislation.

This way we can be sure that everyone will be inspired to enjoy the best equestrian experience. So make sure you are one of the best, become a BHS approved holiday business.

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