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Junior Progressive Riding Tests

Since April 2002, The British Horse Society Junior Progressive Riding Tests (JPRT) have been available to younger riders at BHS Approved Riding Centres.

Progressive Riding Tests have a good reputation among BHS Approved Centres and their clients. The JPRTs are designed for youngsters aged around six to twelve years. There are five tests which are comprised of stable management and riding sections – both of which can be taken separately. This means that if the child wishes to follow the stable management route only, they can still do so by taking those sections within the test. Candidates will be awarded a signed certificate for each completed section of the JPRT.

The training for and the examining of the JPRTs is similar to the PRTs. The main difference is that JPRTs can be examined by a BHS Registered Instructor (Registered PTC upwards) or a proprietor of an establishment who holds the minimum of the BHS PTC. When a child successfully completes all five tests, centres need to forward details of the candidate, assessor, riding centre and the date the test was taken plus the fee of £5 per candidate in order for us to be able to supply them with their official final certificate.

Do candidates have to be members of the BHS?
No, they do not have to be members of the BHS. 

How are the courses run?
The BHS Approved Centre can decide how the young person is trained. One of the benefits of the JPRTs is that training can be done at a pace to suit the individual; this could be during weekly lessons or at a pony day. The centre, can fix the course or lesson fee and the instructor and the candidate can liaise regarding when they are to be tested.

The centres that run the JPRTs are responsible for all the administration, which includes the provision and payment of the assessor and the completion of certificates. Small level 1-5 certificates can be purchased through the BHS bookshop, and sew-on badges are also available for each level.

How can my Centre start running JPRTs?
Call the BHS Approvals team on 02476 840509 or email

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