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Continual Professional Development

Training and knowledge are essential requirements for any profession if high standards are to be achieved and maintained. The horse world is no exception.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a process of lifelong learning, which enables you to expand and fulfil your personal and professional potential, meet the present and future needs of your clients and deliver desired outcomes and priorities. BHS CPD assures that you meet the requisite knowledge and skills levels that relate to your evolving scope of professional practice.

Every year, The British Horse Society runs a number of regional continual professional development days (CPD days) for coaches to enhance their professional development ensuring that they are at the fore front of new thinking, observations and techniques.

In addition to this, our annual National Conventions and some of our other events are CPD days designed with coaches in mind, but are also open to anyone involved in the horse world - from new owners and horse lovers through to top professionals. We also offer one-off development days, such as Developing Your Coaching Skills.

What are CPD days?

CPD training days count as refresher courses for BHS Accredited Coaches. They also contribute ten hours of teaching time to those completing their PTT logbooks. We also accredit and promote CPD Days that are submitted to us by BEF Member bodies. Confirmed CPD days are published on the website.

How does continuing professional development benefit my clients?

CPD is crucial in delivering the best possible service and using it to the maximum benefit of your clients – providing support and proof of agreed standards of learning.

By adopting a lifelong learning approach through the APC CPD scheme, you can ensure that your knowledge and skills keep pace with new thinking and techniques.

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