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What We Do For Riders and Carriage Drivers

As the volume and speed of traffic on our roads increases, the need for safe off-road riding and carriage driving becomes more important. We are involved in many different projects and campaigns dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the UK’s national equestrian access network.

Our 290 local voluntary Bridleway Officers and nearly 130 Affiliated Equestrian Access Groups help to secure and defend rights of way in their areas, and we instigate national campaigns and projects – such as the Access Fighting Fund and the BHS Paths for Communities fund – to improve the provision of off-road riding and carriage driving routes.

Our Campaigns 

Paths for communities

The commitment to access for horses and riders is a vital part of the BHS’s charitable work. We know the importance of safe off-road riding, not only for our members but for all equestrians.

In 2015 we established a new BHS fund that you can donate into, which provides multi-user routes in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Bridleways and Restricted Byways in England and Wales.

Read more about our Paths for Communities campaign.

Bridleways extinguished in 2026

In 2000, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act was introduced in England and Wales. Section 53 of the Act provides for a cut-off date in 2026, which means that many historic routes of use to horse riders and carriage drivers will be extinguished if they are not formally recorded as a bridleway or restricted byway.

Find out more about our 2026 campaign.

Ride Out UK Month

Ride Out UK Month 2018 was kindly sponsored by Thorowgood and was all about raising awareness of off-road riding and applauding the fantastic efforts of BHS volunteers, local authorities and organisations who protect and restore multi-user routes across the UK.

Discover more about Ride Out UK month.

If you don't find what you are looking for, or you require more information on any of our campaigns, or campaigns that we support, contact us.

Learn about our work around the UK:


We sometimes ask our members and members of the public to contact their MP, MEP, district or county councillors in support of our access campaigns. If one of our campaigns requires this but you don’t know the name and address of the correct person to write to, you can find all the relevant details by visiting

Due to the complexity of some of these campaigns – many involve legal or planning issues – we have worked on them for many months, or even years and and we regularly lobby local, regional and national government on key issues.

Find out more about our lobbying work.

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