70km Challenge

The British Horse Society’s 70km Challenge

 Following the success of Ride Out UK Month’s 70km Platinum Challenge and to celebrate our 70th year, we are delighted to continue our 70km Challenge throughout 2019.

Set yourself a goal this summer to hack 70km and raise £70 for the Paths for Communities FundParticipants will receive a platinum rosette* and certificate to say thank you. 

To register

Please email access@bhs.org.uk to register. We will send you a card to record your rides on as well as a sponsorship form to get you started, or you can download both from the 'Downloads' box on this page.

We’d also recommend you track your hacks using an app on a smart phone (for example Map My Ride oEndomondo) and email access@bhs.org.uk the GPX file when you're done! 

For help downloading your GPX files, please see Endomondo's handy guide 

Success stories

In May, Vicki Hodgkiss was announced as the first rider to complete the 70km Challenge, and here’s what she had to say:

 I have loved every minute of it, it’s been amazing. I've ridden some beautiful countryside and met some lovely people."

*Whilst stocks last.

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