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BHS and the Government

As the UK’s foremost equestrian charity, The British Horse Society works closely with the Government in the interests of horses and owners.

We are often consulted on issues such as access, safety and horse welfare, and to help inform legislation that is beneficial to the lives of horses throughout the UK.

This can include: Criminal Record Checks, Rights of Way, Safeguarding Children, Equality, Highway Code and Driver Licensing Laws.

The Government Affairs Register lists all work and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Horse, who meet three times a year in Westminster, raises issues of importance with Parliament and briefs ministers on current issues affecting horses and their owners, riders and drivers.

These meetings are open to all MPs and Peers, and one representative from each of the following organisations is invited to attend:

  • The British Horse Society (The secretariat)
  • British Equine Veterinary Association
  • British Equestrian Federation
  • British Equestrian Trade Association
  • British Horseracing Authority
  • The Horse Trust
  • World Horse Welfare.

Forthcoming meetings

For details of the next APPG meeting, please contact Karen Irving at

View or download meeting minutes below (pdfs):

July 2013
May 2013
January 2013
June 2012
March 2012
December 2011
July 2011
March 2011

National Equestrian Crime Database

The National Equestrian Crime Database (NECD) is used by Police forces throughout the UK. It protects and safeguards your horse and your belongings and provides a unique ‘real time’ information alert crime prevention solution.

It works like this: you register your horse and your equestrian property with the NECD. Then, in the event of a theft, the police, port authorities and auction houses can identify your horse or belongings and return them to you from anywhere in the UK.

What’s more, anyone can check the status of any item for free using the unique NECD Text-it service. Try it for yourself using these examples:

  • To check a freezemark, text necd 398U to 88802
  • To check a Trailer chassis number, text necd HU3HE
  • To check a Horsewatch postcoded saddle, text necd GU15 1LH

NB: Text-it is not case sensitive. Leave a space between necd and the number/postcode. Standard network provider costs will apply.

The BHS strongly recommends you become an NECD member. Joining the scheme costs just under £30 a month. As an NECD member you can send and receive email reports of criminal or suspicious activity, which will be broadcast by text and email to every member within a 10-mile radius of your location.

You’ll also receive alert texts on safety of roads, Be On the Look Out (BOLO) and local and national critical disease alerts. So you can safeguard and protect your horse at all times.

Mark Weston, Director of Access, Safety and Welfare at the BHS, readily endorses the scheme and says: “The NECD service has the potential to significantly reduce the levels of equestrian-related crime throughout the United Kingdom, thereby increasing the safety and welfare of our horses and ponies.”

Jennie Loriston-Clarke adds: “It is essential that all equestrians become members, because in doing so, collectively we can make it nearly impossible for criminals to profit from selling on our stolen horses, tack, vehicles or machinery."

You can join the NECD today at (opens in new window). On registration, please use the NECD partner code NECDBHS. For more information, call 0800 0199044.

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