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BHS Exam courses invaluable!

27 Apr 2012

Tanya Elson BHSII is singing the praises of the BHS Exam Support courses organised by the Society. She says they were an integral part of her training and doubts she would have had the confidence to enter and succeed in gaining her BHS Intermediate Instructor level without them.

Tanya (32), from Berkshire, used to work full-time as a financial consultant, but when she was made redundant 18 months ago decided to build upon her existing BHS Assistant Instructor qualification to increase her knowledge before opting to work full-time in the equestrian industry as a professional coach. Tanya had been working as a freelance instructor on a part-time basis for a number of years and felt that the equine world was where she belonged. “Though being made redundant was a huge shock,” Tanya said, “it has given me the opportunity to continue my professional development and increase my knowledge, expertise and qualification level.”

As a BHSAI, Tanya had to take three examinations in order to obtain her full BHSII status, specifically the Intermediate Teaching Test, Stage 4 Riding and Stage 4 Horse Knowledge and Care. Training courses are available for each of these.

“I was so worried about passing everything that I actually took two courses for the ITT,” Tanya laughs, “and though I did have to travel outside my region for two of the courses they were more than worth it. I trained with four different presenters and although each had differing styles, the information, confidence and support they gave was immeasurable. I am sure I speak for all delegates when I say this.”

The BHS training courses are presented by BHS Fellows and BHS Instructors and are designed to cover all aspects of each examination. The days are packed full of information with a combination of theory and practical work.  “The days do move at a relatively fast pace, but they are so interesting you don’t notice at the time. It’s when you get home and put your feet up that you think, wow, that was an amazing day and marvel at everything you have learnt. 

“I simply can’t praise these courses and the presenters enough, and highly recommend the days. Even if you are just thinking about whether or not to take the exam, the days will help you to see what you need to work on.  Thank you BHS, keep up the good work!”

For information on Exam training days, click here.

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