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Call for help with Sweet Itch

18 Nov 2011


The British Horse Society is urging everyone who owns a horse that suffers with sweet itch or other summer skin conditions to spend ten minutes filling in a short online questionnaire.
Do you currently own a horse that suffers from summer skin conditions such as sweet itch or have you owned a horse with summer skin conditions in the last two years?  If the answer is yes, then a national survey is being carried out to evaluate their impact on both horses and their owners and assess their ongoing welfare implications.  The BHS is supporting the survey as sweet itch in particular can cause prolonged periods of intense discomfort and in cases where the condition is not managed it can cause suffering.  A BHS advice leaflet on sweet itch is available to download here.

To complete the 10-minute survey, please visit and fill out the questionnaire by the end of November 2011.  All participants will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three £100 of Musto vouchers.

BHS Senior Executive of Welfare, Lee Hackett said: “sweet itch is a horrible condition that causes horses to suffer hugely. We are behind any initiative that helps extend our knowledge of the disease and educates owners about how to best deal with it.”

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