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'Beyond the AI' bursary

4 Feb 2016

‘Beyond the AI' Bursary

This bursary is intended to provide funding which encourages the further development of qualified instructors local to South Yorkshire. We aim to expand the pool of instructors qualified beyond BHSAI level within South Yorkshire and encourage instructors to get involved with the local committee. This should have the potential to improve horse welfare and standards of care within South Yorkshire. 

There is a pool of up to £1000 which will be split between successful applicants as is seen fit by the deciding assessor. In line with central BHS recommendations, the maximum individual award will be £500.


In order to be eligible to apply for the bursary, candidates must be
• Qualified to a minimum of BHSAI level
• Current members of the BHS Register of Instructors
• Reside within South Yorkshire
• Willing to commit some time to the BHS South Yorkshire Committee, through assisting at or hosting an event.  
• Committed to working towards the next level of BHS coaching exam

It is acceptable for instructors not currently on the BHS register to join the register during the application procedure providing they can fulfil the necessary requirements within a relevant time-scale. 

Application Process

Applications are invited using a standard BHS application form. 

Applications will be sent to Kath Busfield (BHS South Yorkshire Secretary), where they can be anonymised for consideration by the committee on the merit of their responses to the questions. The email address is please email this address for postal details if preferred. 

It is acceptable to dictate answers which another person can then write into the form if necessary. 

Selection process
Application forms are considered anonymously by the committee. On the basis of
• Perceived commitment
• Perceived enthusiasm 
• Perceived need
• Potential benefit to the local BHS membership
• Any other factors which the committee deem relevant
Approximately 6 applicants will be invited to attend a combined training and selection day. 

Once provisional selections have been made, these will be further checked by a nominated person at HQ to check that the selected people are eligible AND provide further transparency in case of conflict of interest.  

Training and selection day

A combined training and selection day will be held with a BHS assessor from outside the area. 
Applicants will be given the opportunity to teach guinea pig riders and make short presentations which they will be asked to prepare beforehand (in a similar manner to those expected in various teaching examinations). They will be given the opportunity to receive feedback and discuss training and examinations. 

This day will run as a training day so everyone will benefit regardless of whether they receive a bursary. It will be heavily subsidised so the cost to attendees will be just £10 each. 

Applicants are advised that anyone accepting an invitation to attend the training day but failing to turn up will be charged the full value of the training day (£75 each). 

Lunch will be provided. 

At the end of the day, a decision is made regarding the bursaries. 

Payment of bursaries

Successful candidates will not receive any cash directly. The committee will pay money directly to any of the following
• BHS Education office (for payment of exam fees or CPD course fees)
• BHS Bookshop (for training books and materials)
• BHS approved training centres relevant to the level of examination
• BHS assessors (working as freelance instructors) 
• Other trainers only if approved by BHS HQ (permission must be sought in advance of using these trainers)
Upon receipt of an invoice.

Candidates should be aware that travel outside of South Yorkshire is likely to be necessary to receive training of the appropriate standard. A list of suggested centres and local assessors will be provided. Regrettably, bursary funding cannot be used to fund travel to training or exams. 

Useful dates

Please familiarise yourself with these dates as they are set and cannot be changed. Please ensure you meet the appropriate deadlines and can be available on the training date if selected. 

Closing date for applications: 1 April

Selection process: completed by 22 April (three weeks prior to training day)

Training and selection day: 15 May

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