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A successful rescue for Brian

12 Jan 2016


On Sunday 10 January, the British Horse Society in Yorkshire held an equine rescue demonstration at Wilsden Equestrian Centre in Bradford. Aireworth Vets were in attendance, they had information boards and photos from previous rescues of horses. The Technical Rescue Team consisted of ten firemen from West Yorkshire Fire Service who attended with all their rescue equipment and fire engine. Forty Four people attended the demonstration, with the money raised going to the BHS ‘He...lping Horse’ appeal for 2016 and proceeds from refreshments sales going to Throstle Nest Riding for the Disabled group.

The fire brigade had brought along there life size training horse 'Brian' along with a fence to show a mock up common situation of a horse getting its legs stuck through a fence. They showed how they would work with the vets (Marta from Aireworth on this occasion) to sedate the horse to prevent any further injury, then using their equipment to support and lift the horse up slightly, whilst cutting the fence and lowering the horse gradually down to safety. They were then very friendly in showing everyone the different equipment and were able to give further information and answer any questions. A big thank you to all involved (The British Horse Society, Aireworth Vets, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and Wilsden Equestrian Centre) everyone seemed to really enjoy it and the event was very well received.

Brian's successful rescue 

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