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West Yorkshire Annual Meeting

28 Nov 2012


The West Yorkshire Annual Meeting was held at Mid Yorkshire Golf Club in Darrington. The facilities were brilliant and we had a great turnout with approximately 50 guests who had turned up to see Graham Harland, a well-known and respected local specialist farrier, perform his dissection of a horse's lower leg. 

He was joined by Paula Holt, a lecturer in diabetes at Leeds University. Paula began the evening by presenting a lecture on the similarities between Diabetes 2 in humans and laminitis in horses. Paula is able to offer a new and exciting view of laminitis and other complications in horses, drawing on the research and evidence collected within studies and trials involving people.

Paula's lecture set the scene for Graham's dissection in which he carefully dissected the lower limb. He explained the detailed functional anatomy of the horse’s lower limb moving around the room to ensure that everyone could see and understand. He finished his dissection by highlighting the laminae and what happens to equines when they develop this very painful condition.

If you missed out on attending this popular event, then you will be pleased to know that we have arranged for Graham to do another two demonstrations in early 2013. Check out the Yorkshire diary date listings for more information.

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