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Dreams really can come true!

4 Aug 2011


When nine-year-old Courtney, one of the child stars from the recent BBC documentary ‘Poor Kids’, told viewers that her dream was to ride a horse, little did she know that, courtesy of The British Horse Society, dreams really can come true!

The original documentary told the stories of just a handful of the 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK and followed the daily struggles of Courtney and her family who live on the Canterbury Estate in Bradford. Courtney, who harboured a lifelong dream to become a leading lady jockey just so that she could ‘ride a horse’, jumped at the chance when The British Horse Society contacted the programme’s production team offering her and her sisters a lesson at BHS approved riding school, Throstle Nest, in Bradford.

Jezza Neumann, producer of the documentary, joined the girls on the day and explained that even the rain didn’t dampen their spirits. “Courtney and Chantelle have both agreed that it was the best day ever and little Natasha couldn’t stop grinning.”

After learning more about the ponies and having a lesson in the indoor school, they then got the opportunity to ride round the fields, before being presented with rosettes from Throstle Nest proprietor Jeanette Wheeler. Courtney even helped to groom her pony JJ, helping to combat first lesson nerves and bond with him further.

BHS Yorkshire Regional Development Officer Amy Clements was there and explained that the experience was very humbling. "It was an extraordinary day with some extraordinary people. I am proud that we were able to be part of making their day a most enjoyable one.

“It was very touching to watch how much it meant to them.”

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