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Worcestershire Members Training Day

25 Sept 2015

Worcestershire Members Training DayIn total contrast to the torrential driving rain that greeted our members on the last training session in July, the weather for this day on Saturday 19 September was glorious. Once the early morning mist had burnt off, we were rewarded with a windless, warm, sunny day.

As the name of the event suggests, this was a training day purely for Worcestershire BHS members only and was heavily subsidised from county funds in order to allow them to get top class tuition at a reasonable cost.

The day consisted of three flat work, three show jumping and two cross country lessons being available for our members, each session catering for no more than four people in order to allow them to benefit more individual input and coaching than they would in larger groups.

Sessions were also staggered to allow members to take part in more than one discipline and still get a break for their horses in between. Flatwork instruction was given by Liz Williams and show jumping by Jon Rogers.

Worcestershire Members Training DayUnfortunately Paul Ingram was unable to attend and his cross country sessions were taken over by Sue Frank BHSAI. By the end of the day there were some tired and sweaty horses and the same applied to their riders! The effort the participants put into their lessons was worth it, everyone gaining some positive input from their efforts which will go to improving their riding skills. As this was the object of the event, it was a successful day for all concerned.

We received all good positive feedback in relation to the day, from those who took apart and tremendous praise for the three instructors, who encouraged and coaxed everyone along so skilfully.Worcestershire Members Training Day

Thanks must go to Liz, Jon and Sue for making the day go so well, and also to Becky and Tony for providing the location with such great amenities.

Requests have already been received for further training sessions in 2016 and this is something for the Worcestershire committee to consider when deciding on next years events.

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