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Telford Bridleways Association enjoy another successful guided ride

18 June 2015

On Sunday 14 June, Telford Bridleways Association ran another of its hugely successful guided rides from the Granville site near Donnington. 

Twelve riders were taken on an escorted tour of the bridleways and lanes around what was once a bustling mining area, and it now a wonderful green space and nature reserve. 

The ten-mile ride took riders along old railway lines, local bridleways and on the newly dedicated routes in and around a lovely wooded area known as the Cockshutt.  Ride leader, Anthony Francis-Jones commented: “It is always a pleasure to show riders just how much green space there is in Telford, an area that is normally known for its urban nature. 

"We also had the chance to showcase the wonderful high visibility clothing that RAF Shawbury has given us.  We are really grateful to them for this, which will go a huge way to making it much safer for local riders and their horses.”

The next ride is in and around the beautiful bridleways at Badger near Shifnall on 19 July.

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