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Shropshire Access on the Right Path

30 June 2016


BHS Shropshire Access ClinicBHS Shropshire Committee are on path to claim back ‘lost ways’ in their region and recently took an initiative that is possibly the first of its kind in the country: they teamed up with the Rights of Way officers at Shropshire Council to hold a clinic to encourage members and other rights of way users to submit applications in order to record important routes that they ride or use before they are lost forever.

The cut-off date of 2026 to claim unrecorded routes is well publicised by BHS. In March this year, the Shropshire Committee held a presentation evening inviting Mark Weston, BHS' Director of Access, to give an informative overview of pubic rights of way and the evidence needed to support a claim. The evening was well attended, so to keep up momentum the committee decided to go one step further and offer a more practical based clinic to assist users in making that all important application.

The support and co-operation of Shropshire Council’s Rights of Way team is absolutely fantastic and greatly appreciated by the committee. Following a slide presentation given by the Council officers on the public right of way network in Shropshire and the historical evidence available, the format of the evening changed to a speed-dating session. Groups of attendees spoke directly with the Rights of Way officers and other knowledgeable enthusiasts before time was called for them to move on to the next date to ensure everyone had an opportunity to speak to all the experts.

Nino Binns, a local BHS Access Officer and one of the organisers of the meeting said: “We were delighted the evening went so well – there was a real buzz in the room,  we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of our local Shropshire team.”

The Shropshire Committee are continuing their quest to enthuse and encourage rights of way users in the region to assist with the mammoth task of recording lost routes and are planning to offer more clinics in the future focusing on how to actually complete a Definitive Map Modification Order application and collate the supporting documentary evidence. Watch this space!

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