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Rider biomechanics seminar with Mary Wanless draws a crowd at BHS HQ

3 Mar 2015



An audience of 80 packed the Lecture Theatre at BHS HQ at Abbey Park, Kenilworth on 26 January for an excellent evening seminar delivered by Mary Wanless BHSI.

This was a great opportunity for local riders and instructors to benefit from Mary's extensive experience in teaching correct rider biomechanics to improve riding. An internationally renowned coach, she is author of the Ride With Your Mind books and DVDs, and teaches riders of all levels – from novices to top dressage riders. She has BSc degrees in both Physics and Applied Sports Coaching.

Mary described the forces at work when we ride, and the importance of core strength in maintaining a vertical position in the saddle with a neutral spine. She explained the action of the abdominal muscles and how good riders use these to stabilise their torso, allowing them  to give their hand forward. She talked about communication between coach and pupil, and also touched on the influence of posture when a rider's confidence is in crisis.

The lecture was interspersed with a number of useful practical exercises to gain awareness of the seat bones and abdominal muscles, and delegates also received a lesson on nose-blowing!  

An educational, informative and entertaining evening providing much food for thought.

For more about Mary Wanless, see or like her Facebook page.

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