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Intrepid riders enjoy reopened route at Badger Dingle

15 July 2014

Telford B'Ways Badger Dingle13 intrepid Telford Bridleways Association riders on a range of horses took part in a guided ride on 6 July in and around Ackleton and Beckbury.  The highlight was being able to pass through Badger Dingle.  This wonderful link to Badger passes lovely millponds and lakes and even an old icehouse that used to serve Badger Hall.  This route had been blocked to riders for many years and went all the way to Public Inquiry before it could be opened up again.  After amazing effort and masses of historical research by a few dedicated British Horse Society members, access was rightfully won, allowing riders to go back through the Dingle, a stunning route steeped in history. 

Anthony Francis-Jones, one of the ride leaders commented, “It is wonderful to lead riders through such beautiful countryside and it is a real bonus when routes that would have been lost have been researched and won by dedicated bridleways access groups.  We are all really grateful for the hard work that they all do.” 

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