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Increase Riders Access Campaign

13 Nov 2014


Greater access to footpaths and cycle routes for horses in North Wales are being campaigned for by riders. Currently, over 200 people have signed a petition in support of the campaign. By law, riders and carriage drivers are only allowed on bridleways, byways and some restricted bridleways at present.

Director of access, Mark Weston, has said: “We are constantly campaigning and lobbying for the rights of access for riders. “When you are in a minority group, getting your voice heard can be hard, but riders across the country need to talk to their MPs, their local council and access groups to get more multi-use access routes opened to them where possible. That is the only way things will change.

“We all need to lobby and make the plight of the horse rider known, because if we don’t, the rights of horse and rider will soon be forgotten.”

Please show your support and make this campaign a success!

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