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Coastal access in your area

1 Oct 2012


We are now entering the second phase of Coastal Access in Wales and it is likely to include the two kilometre coastal zone as well as the Wales Coast Path. 

Access is already being sought along the maintenance track below the sea wall between Cardiff and Newport but the main stumbling block seems to be the refusal for it to be considered by the Environment Agency. The local Coastal Access Officers are working hard on our behalf both here and on the other side of Newport. 

At Rogiet, on some common land, a number of cattle grids have been put across the Restricted Byways with no adequate gates alongside. This means that no riders or horse drawn vehicles can now use these paths.  If you know of any people who would use these routes if they could, please get in touch with the local access officer, Jeanne Hyett, as it is part of the Coastal Path.

Bridgend has provided some access to the coast for horses but in the Vale of Glamorgan there is only a short section along the coast path at Southerndown. If you know of any potential routes either circular or linear in the coastal zone in the Vale please let Jeanne know so that she can look into them.

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