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Calling all Oxfordshire Riders

8 Dec 2015


Oxfordshire County Council proposes to construct two Toucan crossings to help improve safety at road crossing desire lines as part of the Chilton Interchange improvement scheme. Please consider replying to a consultation on the need to cater for equestrians at the A34 Chilton interchange in Oxfordshire. In spite of promises to cater for equestrians as the A34 is upgraded, Highways England are only planning to install a Toucan crossing for walkers and cyclists, not a Pegasus crossing that would cater for equestrians as well.

Even though you may not know the area, a few general words may help to try to ensure this does not happen elsewhere. It is a Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency) scheme - the same could be happening in your back yard any minute.

The deadline for any comments is 18 December and is fast approaching, so have your say now.

Please make sure you register to leave a reply for the Consultation. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

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