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South Downs National Park friendlier reception this Easter

30 Mar 2016


“The English are renowned for their courtesy, no more so than here in the South Downs National Park where you’ll almost always be greeted by a “hello” “thank you” “excuse me” or even a “much obliged” on the paths. This Easter we’re encouraging everybody to get into the spirit and pass on a greeting. So you can expect an even friendlier reception than usual if you’re out enjoying the National Park", says Andy Gattiker, South Downs Way National Trail Officer.

What's happening and how you can help this Easter:

  • We’re encouraging everyone to share a greeting and we’re working with partners from the National Trust to local bike shops and community groups to help spread the word
  • Get involved – ask your customers, members, readers or supporters to share a friendly greeting with everyone they meet
  • This could include using your social media, online news, newsletters, at events or in person
  • We’ll have people out and about on the paths over Easter weekend, dressed in bright colours and with big “hello” signs – look out for them
  • And if you’re out on the trails in the National Park make sure you do it too!

Assets you can use - Contact us for images:

  • Our official image, pictured on page 2 (there is also an alternative)
  • 6 ready-made images for sharing on social media (see above for examples)
  • We’re making a new short film “The Friendliest Walker in England” which will be on our YouTube channel from 25th March for you to share
  • The quote in the green box above
  • Spread the word with #sharethepath #SouthDowns
  • Example tweet: Most people say “hello” on the path in the #SouthDowns. Pass it on! #sharethepath
  • ‘Pass it on’ postcards for giving out, using the image on page 2
  • Contact Rob Moore at our partners Behaviour Change

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