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West Oxfordshire PROW Week, 15-21 September 2014

20 Mar 2014


Offers of walking and riding opportunities are being invited for the pilot West Oxfordshire ‘Explore your local public rights of way' week, which will run from 15-21 September 2014.
Members of the Oxfordshire Countryside Access Forum (OCAF) feel that more can be done to encourage local people to know about and enjoy their local public rights of way network. To this end they have approached West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) and it has been agreed that walking and riding local paths could feature in their ‘outdoor activities week’.
To help plan for this, the OCAF is asking local organisations who already organise walks and rides, or who might want to run them, to consider planning something to take place in that week and form part of the programme of events that are publicised by WODC. The OCAF is particularly keen to encourage organisations to offer something towards those local people who are less confident about using rights of way and who don’t normally join up with guided walks and rides so that more people can be encouraged to explore and use their local rights of way. It is suggested that easier and shorter routes are offered for this week to give that first step for people, but theme-based or more challenging opportunities can also be included.
The OCAF would like to hear from individuals or organisations that might be able to offer a walk or ride in that week. OCAF can then work with these groups and the WODC to bring this all together ready for September. 
Anyone whose has an idea should email OCAF’s Secretary, Paul Harris, on with their ideas as soon as possible.

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