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Rights of Way in Oxfordshire

28 Jan 2014


BHS Oxfordshire is trying to think about places to ride in the county where there are parking facilities for horseboxes and trailers. The Oxford County Council Rights of Way contact has suggested that "it might be better to firstly identify places where the decent riding networks are, and then find parking places in those areas.

Of course those keeping their horses locally to these areas probably won't need parking, as they will hack to the networks, but maybe they can offer a parking area for people living further away who want to access these routes?"

The OCC ROW officer suggests that offering parking and thereby encouraging use of these networks might help to prioritise links or improvements to existing routes if and when money or opportunities become available.

The areas identified for initial investigation are:

  • Shutford
  • Stoke Lyne / Fringford
  • Cherwell Valley near Heyfords
  • Charlbury
  • Otmoor
  • Chinnor
  • Steventon
  • Vale Ridgeway
  • Watlington
  • Checkendon
  • Beckley

What do you think? Do you have a yard in any of these areas that you would be happy to allow other riders to park in while they hack out? Maybe this already happens in your area? The BHS Oxfordshire County Access and Bridleways Officer, Troth Wells, would love your feedback on the idea. Please drop her a line with your thoughts (contact details on the right).

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