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Easton Lane, through Junction 9 - M3, Winchester

17 June 2014


Application for a Map Modification Order to record a public bridleway at Easton Lane, through Junction 9 – M3, Winchester

Section 53, Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

In 2011, a member of the public made an application to have the route shown on the attached map recorded as a bridleway. The route is not currently recorded as a public right of way of any description. Due to a backlog of claims this application was not dealt with at the time but has now been taken up for investigation by Harry Goodchild, Map Review Officer at the HCC Countryside Access Team.

The application is based on user evidence which the applicant believes demonstrates that this route should be recorded as public. If, on a balance of probability, the evidence shows that public rights have been acquired, and providing that they have not subsequently been extinguished by legal order, then the County Council is obliged to record those rights on the Definitive Map. The evidence submitted in support of the application and further documents unearthed as a result of Mr Goodchild's investigation can be viewed at his office by prior appointment.

On completion of his research, it is his intention to take a report on this matter to the County Council's Regulatory Committee. If you have any evidence relating to the history and use of this route, or comments on the application in general, please contact Mr Goodchild 2 July 2014 (contact details on the right).

A map of the route in question can be seen here.

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