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Data Tagging Property

31 Jan 2013


Data Tagging property can assist in the prevention and detection of crime - that's the clear message Hampshire police are reiterating this week with a recent success story. In 2009 a horse trailer that had been Data Tagged was stolen in the New Forest area of Hampshire. This week the trailer has been recovered by Herefordshire Police and a male arrested.

Data Tagging property can assist in the recovery and identification of stolen property, assisting the Police with the investigation of such offences. Please give serious consideration to having such security markings on your property, keep records of serial numbers, or better still, create an account on where you can list all your identifiable property free of charge. In the event your stolen property is recovered by the Police, you need to be able to prove it is yours in order to get it back!

A postcode marked saddleIs your tack marked? Your local HorseWatch group can stamp your postcode in to your tack, again detering thieves and meaning that, if your tack is stolen, it can be returned if recovered.

Your postcode is stamped in to the leather of the saddle flap. It is a permanent mark (though very unobtrusive and totally non-damaging) and a new mark can be added should you move house. The procedure takes only a few minutes, and most HorseWatch organisations just ask for a small donation. Find your local HorseWatch group here. 

The Metropolitan Police website has more useful advice on preventing stable and tack crime.


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