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Meet your Buckinghamshire committee - Tina Munday

16 July 2013


In the latest of our interview series designed to introduce BHS members to their local committee, we meet Tina Munday. Tina is a District Access and Bridleways Officer on the Buckinghamshire committee…

Name: Tina Munday

Lives: North Bucks

Age (a ballpark please!): Over 18!

Family: No kids of my own but plenty of nieces and nephews

Occupation: I’m self-employed - farming and gardening

Tell us about… your first pony: I had my first riding lesson when I was 10 years old, and got my first pony at 16 – a grey cob named Topper. My horse of a lifetime was Robbie, a chestnut Welsh cob I owned for nearly 23 years. There have been many others over the years.

…the first fall you can remember: I’m not sure if it was my first fall, but I remember one early fall in a riding school gymkhana. On the word ‘go’, I stuck my heels in and the pony promptly threw me straight over the top!

…the first rosette you remember winning: I was third in a riding school “dressage test” aged 10, on a chestnut mare called Just Jane.

…your most memorable horsey moment: Riding in a group from Mcynleath, in Wales, over the Brecon Beacons to Southampton, on a charity ride for The Winged Fellowship. It took about 10 days and Robbie excelled himself. We rode about 30 miles each day. The endurance riders in the group were flying along but I wasn’t in such a rush and enjoyed every minute. We ended with a splash in the sea.

…your most embarrassing horsey moment: I offered to sort out a friend’s mare that was playing up… she threw me straight off!

…your current horse(s): No horse at the moment sadly, due to injury (mine!), but I hope to be looking for my next one soon.

Do you compete? What is your preferred discipline? I enjoy endurance – non-competitive so far – pleasure rides and hacking.

What’s your equine ambition? I’d love to do a cross-country course again, and to ride on the beach again.

Share your yard secrets, please… what are your best time saving tips? What about money saving tips? Keep your horse outside as much as possible, rugged up in winter so that when you get a chance to ride you don’t have to spend valuable daylight time scraping off mud! Keep things basic and don’t waste money on hundreds of unnecessary products.

Tell us about your involvement with the BHS… what is your role on the committee? I’m a District Access and Bridleways Officer (DABO) for North Bucks. It involves being the eyes and ears on the ground for local bridleways and their problems. Keeping a good contact with the council rights of way team is vital. I’ve done the job for approximately 5 years.

How did you get involved with the BHS? I've been a member for many years and ended up volunteering.

What’s your favourite part of the role? I generally love exploring bridleways and the countryside, and keeping them open to riders.

What are your plans for the year ahead? Just to help where I can!

Anything else we should know about you? I had a ranch holiday in Colarado for my 50th birthday, which was fantastic… I swam with wild dolphins in New Zealand… I want to do them both again! I love dogs, and I have a Border collie. I (strangely) get very excited when I see the only remaining Vulcan Bomber flying - it’s amazing!

Thanks, Tina! Another committee member will feature here in a couple of weeks' time.

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