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Meet your Buckinghamshire committee - Alison Clayton

21 May 2013


In the latest of our interview series designed to introduce BHS members to their local committee, we meet Alison Clayton. Alison wears several hats on the Buckinghamshire committee, as an Assistant Access and Bridleways Officer, Newsletter Editor and Facebook page admin…

Name: Alison ClaytonAlison Clayton's rather muddy mare!

Lives: High Wycombe

Age (a ballpark please!): 40s

Family: No

Occupation: IT Project Manager

Tell us about… your first pony: I didn't have my own, instead riding other peoples' ponies and riding at Radnage.

…the first fall you can remember: Going cross-country at Radnage - I landed on my bum and was winded!

…the first rosette you remember winning: At a Radnage House Riding School show.

…your most embarrassing horsey moment: I'll have to think about this one! (Note from Editor - Alison clearly has something hilarious to hide, as she has yet to give an answer!)

…your current horse(s): Misty, a 22 years young show cob. She's grey - for which, you should read: "white but loves being covered in mud!"

Do you compete? What is your preferred discipline? No, I don't.

What’s your favourite horsey activity? I enjoy a good hack round the bridleways on a nice sunny day.

Share your yard secrets, please… what are your best time saving tips? What about money saving tips? I fill all my haynets at the weekend for the week ahead, and make up feeds for several days in advance too. I maximize turnout to save on bedding.

Tell us about your involvement with the BHS… what is your role on the committee? I'm an Assistant Access and Bridleways Officer, admin of the Bucks Facebook page (please like us!) and newsletter editor (which sounds like a grand title!) for our twice-yearly newsletter.

How long have you been on the committee, and how long in this role? Approximately six years.

How did you get involved with the BHS? I did my BHS exams up to Stage 3, and wanted to stay involved.

What’s your favourite part of the role? I just enjoy being involved and helping others.

What are your plans for the year ahead? I've just organised the spring Pleasure Ride, which was a great success. We've already sent out the spring newsletter for this year, and I'm currently working on the autumn edition.

Thanks, Alison! Another committee member will feature here in a couple of weeks' time.

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