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Keep your equine friends safe on Bonfire Night

1 Nov 2013


BHS Buckinghamshire's Safety Officer, Jo Millward-Croft, offers some great advice on how to prepare for bonfire night.

  • If you are concerned about large bonfires being too close to your stables, contact your local fire service in advance to visit and give advice - don't leave it until the night. Be aware, the fire service will not put bonfires out unless they are felt dangerous or unattended.
  • Check the fire safety arrangements at your yard.
  • Speak to organisers about local events and find out the times of firework displays.
  • Horses that live out should remain in a familiar area. Check your fencing is secure.
  • Get your horses and ponies used to noise - try playing the 1812 Overture to them and gradually increase the volume as they get used to it.
  • Speak to your vet about calmers if your horse is known to be very nervous. Calmers should be administered before your horse becomes stressed.
  • If your horses are stabled, try leaving battery powered lanterns on and battery powered radios playing.
  • Make sure stabled horses have plenty of hay to keep them occupied.
  • Be responsible - if there is a firework display nearby, stay at the yard and monitor your horses.

There is more advice on the BHS Horse Accidents website,

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