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Buckinghamshire Bridleway Safety Success

1 May 2013

BHS Buckinghamshire's new Safety Officer, Jo Millward-Croft, was contacted recently about a hazardous bridleway in Denham. The problem was not the route itself, rather two dogs on the neighbouring farm which made a habit of escaping through broken fencing and chasing horses on the bridleway.

Many local riders had simply abandoned the route, but one rider determined to try and rectify the problem. Having been held hostage by the dogs for an hour one day, snapping at the horses and refusing to let them move, the rider was eventually rescued by the police coming to catch the dogs - a good job she was carrying her mobile phone!

Jo was asked to go and investigate the problem and, having posted a letter to the farm explaining the seriousness of the problem, within a matter of days the fence has been fully repaired and the dogs are now contained. It is likely that the landowner either didn't realise the route was even an actual bridleway, or simply didn't appreciate what a problem, and danger, the dogs were to horseriders.

The route is now safe and useable again, and both BHS Buckinghamshire and the landowner have been sent letters of thanks from the rider and her fellow yard members.

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