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BHS Bucks committee welcomes new Safety Officer

31 Jan 2013


Jo Millward-Croft has recently joined the Buckinghamshire county committee, in the role of Safety Officer. In the first of a series of articles introducing your local committee, here Jo tells us a bit about herself and her new role...

BHS Buckinghamshire Safety Officer, Jo Millward-Croft"Firstly, please don’t be put off by the double barrelled name! I used to be Jo Oliver, which was a lot easier to say and is how some of you may remember me. I have owned and been involved with horses for over 30 years and pictured with me is my dear friend Daisy, aged 32, my first pony who I sadly had to say goodbye to last year. My interest with horses is very varied, but my main passion has been in rescuing these four-legged friends.

My full-time job for the past 23 years has been working for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, both operationally in the Control room and also as a Partnership Manager in community safety prevention work. During my years with horses and in my job I have sadly experienced many accidents and injuries with horses and humans which, with some prevention initiatives, could have been avoided. I am definitely known as the Health and Safety Queen with qualifications but continue to learn every day. Unlike many other people, I think health and safety should be in place so you CAN do something, rather than as a reason why you shouldn't do it!

I am hoping that, in my role as Safety Officer for BHS Bucks, I can share my experiences and help you to avoid future heartaches. My current five ponies and youngsters have all had various levels of bad starts to their lives, so on a daily basis provide me with their own challenges as well as emptying my bank balance. Jinx, Bonnie, Clyde, Marley and Dillion will all give me reasons to put in place some basic safety precautions and I hope to give regular updates and tips to help everyone. It will also be great to hear your experiences and tips to pass onto other members.

The first subject I'd like to cover is especially personal to me, and that is fire safety precautions in the yard. It really isn’t sufficient to have an old extinguisher leant against the wall and a no smoking sign put up. A simple fire safety guide and checklist will be available shortly on the website, which should help you start to make a plan, improve your safety and help avoid being one of the very sad incidents that the fire service attends."

Jo's Fire Safety Tip - Invite your local fire station to visit your yard so they know the layout of your yard, and locate your nearest fire hydrant.

To contact Jo, please call or email Hannah Marsh, Development Officer (contact details are on the right hand side) who will put you in touch.

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