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Path claim in Farley Hill and Bramshill area

21 May 2013


Hugh Craddock, a BHS Surrey Access & Bridleways Officer, has submitted a claim for a path at Jouldings Farm on the Berkshire-Hampshire border. The path is not currently recorded on the definitive map and thus is in danger of being closed to riders at the 2026 deadline.

Details of the path, which was recently used as part of an endurance ride route, can be seen on the Craddocks' website (opens in new window). It is likely to be some time before the claim is determined but it is now in the pipeline.

Riders nationwide can help secure paths for the future. By comparing routes they ride with the OS Explorer map, paths which are not recognised on the definitive map can be identified. These routes will be lost in 2026 unless they are claimed and added to the definitive map in the meantime. If you are aware of any such paths, please contact your local access officer for assistance - contact details can be found via the county pages of the BHS website or by asking your Regional Development Officer for assistance (Hannah Marsh - contact details on the right).

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