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Berkshire rider wins Sefton Award for road safety campaigning

13 Oct 2014


Safety awards presented in honour of Sefton
Outstanding contributions in the field of riding and road safety were recognised at The British Horse Society’s Sefton Awards, held at the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment's Barracks, Knightsbridge, London on Wednesday 8 October.
The awards were set up by the Society in 1990 as a legacy to Sefton, the Household Cavalry horse who survived the IRA bombings in London in 1982. Sefton was 19 years old at the time of the bombings. He underwent eight hours of surgery and became a household name.
This year there were three recipients of the honour, and one of these was Robbie Woolford, from Windsor, Berkshire. In December 2012 Robbie was out riding when an irate taxi driver drove straight at her and her horse, stopping just a yard away. The experience left Robbie traumatised and convinced that something had to be done. Already campaigning with her Parish Council for lower speed limits and horse signs on the roads, Robbie raised her game. She began addressing local drivers of the need for consideration when passing horses on the road and earlier this year the council erected the long awaited horse signs.
Speaking of her achievements she said: "This is only a small part of it, I'm not finished yet! I would like a Pegasus crossing [a specialised road crossing for horses and riders] and I would like the speed limit to come right down. I was amazed to be nominated for this award and today really has been very special. It's been a really wonderful day and I feel very undeserving."

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