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BHS Devon visit to Langford Equine Centre

26 Oct 2016


Attendees on the Langford Equine TripOur trip to Langford Equine Centre on 26 October was fantastic! Ten people were treated to an inspiring day out at the Langford Equine Centre and after an amazing tour of the facilities (which included watching the treadmill in action, checking out 'over ground scopes', watching video footage of a variety of different procedures including an endoscopy, prepping for operations, anethesia and recovery) they were then 'booted and suited with the icing on the cake being able to watch a five and a half month old foal have a broken piece of splint bone removed in surgery.Watching an operation

Our thanks to Langford Equine Centre for hosing this event and to Sarah Howard BHSI of the BHS Devon committee for organising the trip.

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