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£2000 from BHS helps signpost the Imber Path

1 Nov 2016


Imber Path Signing Day (sponsored by The British Horse Society and supported by Tread Lightly UK and Wiltshire Council)

About the Imber Path

The Imber Path is a 37 mile round route which is under creation on Salisbury Plain. It will run from Warminster along the north side of the Plain to Tilshead and back to Warminster via Chitterne. It has been some eight years in the creation. It is not yet ready to ride since the Heytesbury section is under discussion.

Imber Path 01




Signing the route

Imber Path 05Imber Path 09



A route of this length in the tough environment of Salisbury Plain needs extensive signage.The signing element of Project UBIQUE (Project EVERYWHERE) started as a joint MOD, Wiltshire Council and Tread Lightly coalition. Tread Lightly volunteers provide labour and 4wd vehicles plus a trailer. Over 900 signs or way marks have been inserted, repaired or replaced and without the enthusiasm of Lt. Col. Nigel Linge and the help of Tread Lightly, ably led by Dale Wyatt, this would never have happened. After some 40 signing days, over 95% of the Plain is now signed and way marked.

"The British Horse Society became involved some two years ago, contributing man power and assistance generally," said Graham Bennett Chairman and ABO (Legal) of BHS Wiltshire. "In those two years we have helped with signing days here and I have represented the BHS at the Public Inquiry over part of this route where we were successful. More recently, the route needed funding assistance for more signage on the completed sections; the BHS supplied some £2000."


BHS Support of £2000

Imber Path 03 






Funding from The British Horse Society provided the hire of an auger, galvanised 2.5m posts new signs, postcrete, fixing clamps and tech screws. The BHS worked in collaboration with the MOD, Wiltshire Council and Tread Lightly to take new sections of the Imber Path forward.

Looking forward

"We are hoping that the Imber Path will be available over its full length in 12 - 18 months or so" said Graham, "We are working on the Heytesbury section next."    

Imber Path 02



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