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BHS Somerset Online Dressage Championship

20 Oct 2016


Somerset dressage sponsor 

What a great way to finish the online dressage competitions that were held this year with a highly competitive championship. Sponsored by Tottie, each winner received a £150.00 voucher to spend on Tottie merchandise.

Entries were by invitation only for competitors who had achieved over 64% twice throughout the year. There were four competitors in the introductory section who all rode exceptionally well and turned their horses out beautifully, riding the Introductory B (2009) test and the qualifying preliminary entrants rode very competitively for Preliminary 13 (2006). Both classes were incredibly close with just 5% between the placings in both tests. However, a very determined Chloe Day rode Bruce to victory in the Intro test with a score of 71.74%, and Mary Hayter, riding 18 year old Valentino, scooped first prize with 70% in the prelim, both very deserving wins.

Mary was also awarded best BHS member for the prelim class and Catherine Radosavljevic was awarded best BHS member in the Introductory class. Well done to them and all our other competitors who took part.

It has been a fun competition to run this year allowing those without transport or own horses to compete and be judged by BD listed judge Julie Hayes, who has done us a wonderful service of marking the tests submitted and taking time to write lovely, helpful and rewarding comments for each rider. The riders have clearly been taking note of the comments as the test marks have improved to no end throughout the year. 

Somerset Dressage Winner                          Somerset Dressage winner with Martin Clunes 

Mary Hayter and Valentino                                      BHS President, Martin Clunes, presents
proudly display their rosette and                             Chloe Day and Bruce with their rosette.     
Tottie voucher.                                                                

After such a great success this yea,r we will be definitely looking to run the event again next year.


Class 1 Intro B

1st - Chloe Day riding Bruce - 71.74%

2nd - Sarah Murray riding Toby Star - 68.48%

3rd - Emma Cockell riding A Bit of Irish - 67.17%

4th - Catherine Flad riding Jimmy - 66.52%

Class 2 Prelim 13

1st - Mary Hayter riding Valentino - 70% 

2nd - Sam Treharne riding Double Fortune - 68.33% 

3rd - Joanna Tarr riding Ursala - 67.92%

4th - Virginia Cable riding Tolly - 67.29%

5th - Roger Pratt riding The Paddock Clover - 66.46%

6th - Rachel Pratt riding Molly Molloy - 65.63%


Well done to Charlie Usher from BHS Somerset who organised this fantastic event, thank you.

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