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Somerset Animal Welfare Leaflet Launch

1 July 2016


The British Horse Society are one of a number of animal welfare organisations that form the Somerset Civil Contingencies Partnership Animal Welfare Group. This partnership is responsible for providing the front line local authority response to an emergency.

It has long been recognised that, in the event of a disaster, many people will put themselves or others at risk in favour of their understandable concern about the welfare of their pets or livestock. Because of this, the Animal Welfare Group within the partnership was formed to create a network of support and response.

Somerset Civil Congencies Partnership Leaflet LaunchThe key focus of the group has been in planning, both on what an owner can do by way of pre-empting how they will care and manage their pets and livestock should a disaster occur and to provide a point of contact should the worst occur. The flooding on the Somerset Levels in 2013-14 highlighted the need for owners to have a plan and to take action as soon as possible to ensure the welfare needs of their animals are met.

Following the production of leaflets some years ago, these have now been updated with lots of useful information and these new leaflets were officially launched at the Royal Bath & West Show.

All of the advice and information you need to prepare for an emergency situation can be found on the Somerset County Council website

SCC Horse Leaflet                      SCC Livestock Leaflet Front                       



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