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Online Dressage Competiton

25 May 2016


From the comfort of their own home approximatley 20 riders took part in the online dressage competition run by Charlie Usher of the Somerset committee.  There were more local competitors this time with about thirty percent coming from Somerset. 

The dressage judge said that there were some really nice tests and that she felt quite a few of the riders were ready to move up from Intro to Prelim.

Everyone got a rosette and all tests were promptly returned.

This sort of event is becoming more and more popular and the next competition runs from 16 - 30 June 2016

Results are below :

Class 1 Intro B was restricted to those who have never been placed 1st to 6th in any dressage competion.

1 Chloe Day riding Bruce                                    74.4%

2 Laura James riding Lady Dixon                         74.1%

3 Sarah Murray riding Toby Star                          68%

4 Emma Cockell riding A Bit of Irish                     65.44%

5 Suzie Wakefield riding Spot on Con                   65%

6 Nicole Clements riding Angolus                         64.4%

Class 2 Intro A Open

1 Laura James riding Lady Dixon                         73.04%

2 Hilary Woolridge riding Charlie                         66.74%

3 Jacqui Down riding Moonbeam                         66.30%

Class 3 Prelim 7 Open

1 Roger Pratt riding The Paddock Clover               68.75%

2 Rachel Pratt riding Molly Molloy                         66.75%

3 Hilary Woolridge riding Charlie                          64%

Class 4 Prelim 14 Open

1 Hilary Gates riding Doris                                    70.83%

2 Virginia Cable riding Tolly                                  68.33%

3 Roger Pratt riding The Paddock Clover                67.5%

4 Rachel Pratt riding Molly Molloy                          65.21%

5 Suzie Wakefield riding Spot on Con                     65%

6 Mary Hayter riding Valentino                              63.33%








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