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Innovation is the key to training with limited resources

24 Mar 2016


Effective Training with Limited Resources was the topic of another in the series of lecture demos with Danny Anholt FBHS at Millfield School on Wednesday 23 March.

Realising that not all riders have the luxury of superb facilities such as we see at Millfield, some often working in a field or school with little or no equipment, Danny worked with the minimal amount of equipment to the maximum effect. The equipment used on the night consisted of:-

12 poles @ £12.75 each (which were then painted white)
4 pairs of stick wings @ £35 each
12 childs pottys @ £1 each
3 oil drums @ £0
Feeds sacks @ £0
Fruit and Veg Boxes @ £0
Telegraph pole @ £0
Total cost of equipment £386

To ease the riders into the evening, Danny first looked at his 'pole gym' which included walk
exercises over the telegraph pole and walk and trot exercises though a series of 5-7 trot poles which were then raised on alternate sides using the childrens pottys. Moving onto gymnastics, related distances and the witches hat working on a semi circle and raising poles with the stick wings, then to gym jumping or grid work using the stick wings and poles and boxes as fillers. Finishing this section of the evening with the witches hat, a great exercise for practicing for a jump of, encouraging the horse to work around the rider's leg and sit back onto its hocks.

A quick coffee break and a new arena set up and we were ready to see 'austerity cross country training' creating a simulated ditch using feed bags and the addition of rails either side. Barrels laid end to end, then turned upright and gradually reduced to a single barrel to simulate 'skinny's'. The boxes were then used as fillers and the stick wings and poles to create a corner fence. Finally and for lots of fun a 'recycled puissance' the veg boxes locked into each other with a top rail for safety.

Ten riders and two and half hours later everyone was feeling inspired and full of great knowledge of training plans to take home and practice.

With grateful thanks to Danny Anholt FBHS and the Staff and Students at Millfield School.
This event was run by BHS Somerset and organised by Charlotte Usher and Gill Longhurst.

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