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Equine Grass Sickness Vaccine Trial

11 Feb 2015


Could you take part in the Equine Grass Sickness Vaccine trial and help protect horses from this terrible disease forever?

Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) is a debilitating disease affecting horses with an 85% mortality rate. It is most prevalent in Britain, where over 3% of the quine population is affected in some areas. As almost all cases occur in animals with access to grazing, the current theory is that EGS is a toxic and infectious form of botulism caused by C. botulinum type C, a soil borne bacterium. As other equine diseases such as tetanus are prevented by vaccination this is theoretically possible in the case of EGS. In March 2014 the Animal Health Trust launched a trail vaccine for EGS, designed to test whether vaccinating against C. botulinum type C can prevent the disease.

The trial, which is funded by the Animal Health Trust, is ongoing and horses and ponies with valid passports who live on land that has had at least one case of EGS within the last three years are invited to take part. Could that be you?

The trial will be conducted in two groups – one vaccinated and one placebo – to ascertain whether the risk of EGS is reduced by vaccination. If successful, the study will be a huge breakthrough for prevention of EGS.

If you would like to find out whether you might be eligible to take part, please visit the EGS vaccine trial website, where you can find the owner information pack, and some helpful FAQs. To enrol on the trial, please contact the Vaccine Trial Team on 01638 555399 or email Thank you to all of the contributors to the trial, a full list of whom can be found on the AHT website

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