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Care about laminitis study

1 Apr 2015


Horse with laminitisRegardless of whether your horse has suffered from laminitis or not, you could be part of a study that will reduce the risks of contracting the disease worldwide – don’t miss your chance to help.

CARE (Creating Awareness and Reporting Evidence) about Laminitis aims to collect case studies from across the country to help investigate factors that cause the debilitating condition laminitis, which causes sufferers a range of symptoms which may include chronic lameness and pathological changes to the foot. In extreme cases, laminitis is fatal. Multiple factors can contribute to contracting the disease – and we need your help to find out more.

The research, funded by the Animal Health Trust, desperately needs more participants to be effective. Please join the CARE about Laminitis study and help us create evidence-based guidelines to help owners prevent the development of laminitis in their horses and ponies. All you have to do is visit their website and fill in a questionnaire about your horse. Every experience counts and can make a difference. You will also have access to an online weight tracker which will allow you to track significant changes and avoid unnecessary health risks.

Sign up today and help horses and their owners avoid laminitis for good.

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