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Tredithick Farm Drive, Lostwithiel Stopping Up Order

10 Feb 2015


Do you ride in this area and will the stopping up of this path affect your riding?

The BHS has received communication from Cornwall Council Highways department with regard to the stopping up of an unclassified road at Tredethick Farm Drive, Lostwithiel PL22 0EL.

We have checked Cornwall Council mapping and it appears that the unclassified road is close to two footpaths and a bridleway.  Please see map below (the area marked in blue is the path to be blocked up).

Footpaths 407/21/1 goes through Tredethick and connects with Bridleway 407/22/1&2.

If you have an objection to this Order, please contact Jenna Pegg, Commissioning and Contracts Service, on 0300 1234 222 or email before 9 April 2015.

Further information can be obtained from the BHS Bridleway Officer in the area, Gina Harvey.

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