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The Scales of Training

1 Feb 2015

Scales of Training demoDespite the freezing weather conditions at the end of January, it was a full house at the lecture/demonstration held at Millfield Equestrian Centre, in Street, Somerset.

More than 120 people wrapped up warm and turned up on the evening for yet another excellent and fascinating evening with BHSI HT and BHS Chief Assessor Danny Anholt. The topic this time was the Scales Of Training.

Danny and his team of immaculately turned out staff and pupils demonstrated to the audience the importance and the correct way of going for each of the scales. Broken down into three sections each group of riders and their horses were able to demonstrate clearly riding at multiple angles within the arena so the whole audience could get an accurate view. 

Scales of Training demoThe evening started with a demonstration of Rhythm and Suppleness. Followed by a group of three who gave us an inspiring display representing Contact and Impulsion, after a short interval and warm drinks served to all, the demo continued with an exceptional display of the final two scales Straightness and finally Collection. 

Danny as usual gave an excellent account of how and why these factors are important to your horses education and we were able to clearly see from the horse and riders the practical explanation of the theory.  We were shown examples of incorrect movements and what to look for when it doesn’t seem to be going quite right at home, followed by ways to address them.

Scales of Training demoThe audience were able to ask questions throughout. Danny did an excellent job of answering these and some of the questions were redirected to the riders in which they had related to, who were also able to answer with confidence and pride.

BHS Somerset would like to thank Danny, the staff and the not forgetting the riders involved who did such a great job in making the material easy to absorb: thank you to Flora, Alex, Alex and Emily, Talullah, Ella and Kate as well as Jo, Lowri and Laural for being the guinea pigs.  Our next Demo at Millfield will be on 17 June 2015. 

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