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Somerset Local Access Forum seeks new members

17 Oct 2014


The Somerset Local Access Forum is a statutory body that provides local, regional and national organisations such as Somerset County Council, Natural England and DEFRA with advice on improving outdoor access to green spaces for all users including walkers, cyclists, horse riders and vehicle drivers.

Topics the Forum consider and discuss are wide ranging and have included:

  • The development of Somerset’s Rights of Way Improvement and Action Plan;
  • How to manage Somerset’s rights of way network so it meets the demands and expectations of all users;
  • Raising the profile of the Forum with local and national partners including Natural England, the Ramblers Association and Somerset’s Strategic Partnership;
  • Participating in the Rights of Way Team’s Excellence Programme suggesting how processes for dealing with applications to add, remove or divert public rights of way shown on the County’s Definitive Rights of Way Map could be improved; 
  • Helping to develop the County’s innovative Community Paths Partnership – A scheme to enable willing volunteers to get actively involved helping us to maintain and improve Somerset’s rights of way network.

Members of the Forum come from a broad range of backgrounds and include landowners, teachers, business & tourism representatives, parish councillors, motor sport enthusiasts, horse riders, walkers, dog owners, cyclists and members of local and national organisations.

The Forum is currently recruiting new members and seeks to attract a wide range of candidates that can contribute to the debate about the above issues.  This may be a position which appeals to you and/or people you know?

Further details about the Forum as well as an application form and person specification are available online.

Alternatively if you have any queries about the work of the Forum or the recruitment process itself, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Portman 01823 356264 or Emma Parsons 01823 356018 or email.

Closing Date: 27 February 2015

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