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BHS Avon Chairman completes 100 miles in one day

30 July 2014


The Chairman of the BHS Avon Committee, Sue Rich, enjoyed a personal highlight when she completed 100 miles on one day on her horse Czako at the Endurance GB College Ride at Keysoe in Bedfordshire.

In her own words, Sue has written of her experience.

I had previously had two attempts at completing 100 miles on Oakleaze Farm Czako, one in Holland and the other in France earlier this year, unfortunately it was not to be.  Louise my daughter completed the 100 miles in France  in May, unfortunately Czako lost a shoe early on and damaged too much of his foot to be able to replace it. We had decided to attempt this again as it was the last 100 miles in the UK this year.  

Endurance - Sue Rich

We travelled to the venue on the Friday where the vetting for pre ride is carried out, all passed and getting ready for the 5.30 start on Saturday.  We were warned by the vets that it was expected to be very hot and humid so care had to be taken by us of our horses and speed had to be very much kept in mind.  The ride consisted on 6 loops varying in length from 25 miles to 10 miles, after each loop you have to pass a vetting to be able to continue, Czako just sailed through all day, by the third loop the temperature was nearing 30 degrees and humidity was so high, he was drinking and eating well and just seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself .

Eventually we came over the finish line at 8.45 pm.  Passed the final vetting with flying colours and even the vets commented on how well he looked and moved a fantastic comment to get after such a long hot day. Our average speed over the whole course was  8.5 mph a very respectable speed in hard conditions.

I am so proud of Czako and we now have two of our home bred pure Arabs on the EGB elite Squad and so chuffed, it feels such a huge achievement to have bred and produced these wonderful horses.

Coming over the finish line with Helen Perry from Belfast on her grey mare .  We rode most of the ride together, it is great when you have company, but it is not always that way, sometimes it's just you and your horse.

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